Thank you for requesting to become a client of LBD Marketing. Please see below our terms of service.

Contract Length:

1. Any service provided by LBD Marketing will result in a minimum term of 3 months.
2. The monthly management fee will be debited from your nominated credit card each month.
3. After the 3 month minimum term, your service will continue on a ‘month-to-month’ basis until you decide to terminate your contract.
4. Should you wish to terminate your contract, an email requesting termination needs to be sent to prior to the renewal date.
5. Should you wish to no longer run your ad campaigns before the 3 month period has concluded, you are still liable to pay your management fee.

Pausing Service

1. Should you wish to pause your service, you can do so for a maximum period of 1 month during your first 3 month contracted period.
2. After the 3 months, you can pause your service for an unlimited time frame.


1. A weekly report will be sent you each Thursday.
2. Should you wish to have a live dashboard, please request access via

Landing Pages

1. LBD Marketing offer clients up to 3 landing pages as long as they are required.
2. The landing pages are complimentary, however should you terminate or pause your service with LBD Marketing, any landing pages will also be removed.