Providing The Proper Landing

When you meet new and interesting people, especially those who could be important for your network, you might be concerned with what they think of you. You may want to make a good impression. You may want that person to remember you. So do you run up, throw a business card at them, yell “high five” and hope for the best?

Unless you work for an energy drink company, probably not. Hopefully, you have a practiced sales pitch. It is short, clear, convincing, and provides an immediate opportunity. Your landing page is just that – it provides an immediate opportunity for your audience. It is a focused and singular call to action that takes all of the work out of the process.

Let’s face it: attention spans are at an all-time low. It is rarely the case that anyone thinks they have the time to click through a website. So, the obvious option is to try and give the visitor of your website the quickest and most direct path to you, your service, or your specific call to action that is particularly relevant.

When we build any Facebook Ad campaign, we always recommend specific landing pages.


If you’re sending traffic to a home page, it’s generally not directly targeting at your offer, and it has several distractions from other menu links to take them away from the goal (filling in form, etc)

As part of our service, we built a landing page for each offering at no extra charge.

We do this, because we believe that in the long run, our clients will get a better result.

Better results mean a higher client retention rate.

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