Likes & Comments Are Nice…But Leads Pay The Bills

Every day, I speak to anywhere between 3-10 prospects looking to generate leads via Facebook Ads.

Many of them have tried Facebook Marketing before without any luck. So I ask them, “What was your strategy?”

The answer is like a broken record: “We hired someone to do posts every day and we got likes and comments, but no leads/sales”.

I then explain that in my opinion there are two types of Facebook Marketing.


Option 1: Post & Hope – This is what I call organic posting.

About 5 years ago, Facebook changed the way they display organic (free) posts. In the past, an organic post would be seen by the majority of people that liked/followed your page. However, in 2019 that figure is closer to the 3-5% of people that like/follow your page.

Facebook’s solution? “Boost” the post. Boosting a post basically means that Facebook will now charge money to show your organic posts to the audience you worked so hard to build for years.

The real kicker is that prior to this, many businesses ran ad campaigns to get people to “Like” their page, only to have to pay to reach those people again.


So, is “boosting” a real solution?

Boosting is the easy solution to the existing problem, but it doesn’t guarantee success.

When you boost a post, you are essentially paying to reach as many people in your audience you can afford within your budget. But boosting bypasses the real goal: not REACH, but rather, CONVERSIONS.


Option 2: Facebook For Lead Generation – or in other words – Facebook Ads with REAL RESULTS.

If you’re serious about generating leads from Facebook Ads, option 2 is for you.

This is where you create a specific, actionable offer, send prospects to a landing page to find out more and capture their details so you can follow up with them.

For service-based businesses, I truly believe the internet (in particular Facebook) is a great way to find your ideal customers, but the sale is in the follow-up.

My advice… don’t be scared to ask for a mobile number on your landing page form… don’t be scared to pick up the phone and call the leads. Don’t just rely on an automated email stream.


Here’s proof that works…

Example 1: 122 leads at $7.18 a lead – The results so far for one of our clients in the massage therapy industry.


Example 2: Who said Facebook Ads weren’t a good fit for B2B? One of our clients is a master of client retention…literally!

He’s managed (with our help of course) to generate over 100 leads at just $13 a lead!

Example 3: One of our acupuncture clients, is absolutely killing it with their latest offer.

Quality leads at less than $4 plus a CTR of just under 5%, proving the offer fits their marketplace perfectly.


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