Likes & Comments Are Nice… But Leads Pay The Bills

Likes & Comments Are Nice... But Leads Pay The Bills

Engaging with prospects daily, I encounter numerous individuals eager to leverage Facebook Ads for lead generation. Those who’ve attempted Facebook Marketing often share a common narrative of disappointment. Inquiring about their strategy, the response echoes uniformly: “We consistently posted content, gained likes and comments, but unfortunately, no tangible leads or sales emerged.”

I feel it’s vital to distinguish the two philosophical approaches to Facebook Marketing that currently circulate:

Option 1: Post & Hope

The era of fruitful organic reach on Facebook is long past. Since adjustments made by Facebook around 8 years ago, organic reach plummeted; and as of 2024, roughly 1.52%-2.58% of page followers see organic posts. Facebook’s solution? Encourage businesses to ‘boost’ their posts for a fee, granting visibility to those same followers businesses painstakingly cultivated—often it involved running paid campaigns solely for page ‘Likes.’ Yet, boosting superficially addresses the issue and doesn’t assure conversions—the ultimate goal.

Option 2: Purpose-Driven Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

For businesses committed to securing leads, I recommend that the second option is pursued with rigor. Here, it’s about crafting a compelling offer, driving prospects to a curated landing page, and capturing their details for subsequent follow-up. Especially for service-oriented enterprises, Facebook holds immense potential for customer acquisition. Nevertheless, the art of selling remains within the follow-up process.

Embrace direct dialogue; don’t hesitate to request a contact number on your landing page, and take the initiative to call your prospects directly. An automated email sequence alone won’t suffice.

Evident Success: Case Studies

Let’s look at a few success stories as a testament to the effectiveness of a lead-focused Facebook Ads strategy:

Adventure Art Photography

Adventure Art Photography

Specializing in adventure photography, this business secured 949 leads at $6.48 per lead. They offer several photography travel expeditions as well as a camera settings lead magnet, and used Facebook’s precise targeting capabilities to reach an engaged audience.

Tradie Mate Pro

Demonstrating that Facebook Ads can thrive in the B2B arena, this business coach achieved over 2000 B2B leads at $6.79 per lead for a cost- and time-saving estimations lead magnet that resonated well with their targeted prospects.

Tradie Mate Pro
Boutique Style Homes

Boutique Style Homes

With an enticing promotional offer for tiny homes, they attained a click-through rate (CTR) of 4.47% and quality leads costing $7.12 each. This demonstrated the perfect alignment between their offering and market needs.

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Remember, while engagement metrics such as likes and comments provide a feel-good factor, it’s the leads—and what you do with them—that truly sustain and grow your business.

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