designer training resources

Please watch the 2 minute video below to gain a brief understanding of the Basecamp Project Management software before moving on to the next steps.

Once a client fills in their Facebook Advertising brief, a new project will be created.

Our internal marketing team will then create the campaign brief including:

  • Artwork Requirements
  • CTA (Call To Action)
  • Client’s Website
  • Targeting
  • Ad Copy
  • Plus any other relevant comments about the project.

You will then receive an email notifying you of the assigned project, like below.

Simply open the email and click the View In Basecamp link at the header or footer of the email to open the campaign brief.

Once you open the project discussion in Basecamp, you will see the elements of the brief.

Artwork Requirements:

This is a summary of what artwork needs to be created for the project.

See example below:

Ad Copy:

Please read and review the ad copy to understand the client’s business type and offering.

Here is an example:


Clients Website:

Please review the link provided to the clients website.

You will need to download the logo from the this site and match the colour scheme for the required artwork.


We have created over 95 industry specific ad image templates to use.


*However, please use templates as a guide only. We would prefer you to adjust the templates to add as much WOW factor as possible.

  1. Select the template that best suits the client and their offer from the campaign brief.
  2. Next, download the PSD file (Photoshop file) from the link above for the relevant industry.
  3. Add the client’s logo from the client’s website provided in the campaign brief.
  4. Adjust the colour scheme (default color is red) to make the colour scheme of the clients branding.
  5. Adjust the copy on the bottom to best match the ad copy/offer in the campaign brief.
  6. Save the working file using the company name as the file as both .psd & .jpeg file (ie: vegasaccountants.psd & vegasaccountants.jpeg)
  7. Submit the artwork files in basecamp as an attachment to the original brief.
    • Check from grammar issues on artwork
    • Make sure all requested sizes are attached (including PSD working files)

As part of the vacation package our clients have purchased, they have access to custom vacation themed artwork.

To request this artwork, the clients will have to fill in the brief here:

Once this is filled in, an automation will trigger and it will add a new project in Basecamp with all the details from the brief.

You will be notified by email when a new artwork request has been submitted, as per the example below:

You will then see the project in Basecamp

Open up the discussion and you will see the full brief:

Once you have completed the artwork request, submit the artwork including the working files and press Add Comment as per below.