Day 17 Jun 2015


Remarketing – The Second Chance You Need

So you have your marketing plan square. You know how to get your brand buzzing on social media, you have a great content plan, and you know the ins and outs of SEO. Despite all of the work you’ve put in and the research you have devoted to the right keywords, there is a sizeable divide between your marketing projections and your sales. And so the question remains:

How do you connect with your audience that slips through your fingers?

How do you take your sales leads and convert them into loyal customers?

If only there was a way to target the people that visit your website directly.

Oh, wait! Hold the phone! There is! Facebook Advertising offer a remarketing option that gives you the opportunity to connect directly with the people who have visited your site with targeted advertisements.

This is how remarketing works:

A person comes to your site and they receive a cookie on their browser that tracks their searches. Say, for example, the person leaves the site without buying something, however, soon after that same product or service pops up on the Facebook Feed.

It’s probably happened to you numerous times. eBay and do it religiously!

This sort of marketing tactic is especially useful for a sales process that might take a bit more time than most other products.

Think about it – if you have to spend time researching a product, customizing it, considering it, you might need more than one browsing session in order to make a decision. These sorts of customers, the ones that will revisit a site to consider a product, are the bread and butter of a remarketing attempt.

It also has the opportunity to secure the authority of your brand.

It’s time to take action! Start a Facebook Advertising campaign with LBD Marketing today or call (02) 8915 6229 for more information.

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